Why branding matters

When’s the last time you asked for a tissue? You probably asked for a Kleenex, which is actually a brand of tissue that’s done a really good job of marketing. That’s what branding can do for you.

Kevllar provides the tools and strategies to build your brand so your business/service can stand out from the crowd and be memorable. From logo design to marketing strategies, Kevllar’s Branding Consultants provide analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help your business or service be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. Kevllar is your one-stop-go-to source for all your branding and marketing needs.

What if I already have branding in place?

Don’t worry. Our consultants can offer advice on what’s working and what’s not. We’ll work with you to develop your existing brand, suggesting areas that may need improvement and strategies we can implement. With our expertise you can enhance your existing brand to strengthen your presence in the marketplace. Our digital marketing consultant services will also work with you to discuss how you can broaden your online presence.

What will your Brand Consultants provide?

Brand Strategy

Our brand and digital marketing consultants analyze your brand and your competition, developing a strategy to help differentiate you from your competitors. We can strengthen or create your brand, and create or enhance your existing branding and marketing.


We’ll help put a plan in place that will allow you to stay true to your brand while driving your traffic up by reaching your target audience. Let’s keep what’s working, fix what isn’t and build your brand the way you envision it.

Logo Design and More

We provide cohesive design elements across signage and print collaterals, as well as logo design to make your brand memorable. An easy identifiable logo that is recognizable to your target market is one of the quickest ways to build brand memorability and loyalty.

Being remembered or recognized as a brand and ensuring your consumer base has a clear understanding of what your brand offers is one of the keys to a successful business. Kevllar can help you get there.

Need to improve an existing site increasing functionality?

Let’s talk Brand Consulting!