Complete 360° Website Support

Kevllar is launching a brand new initiative. Technically, we’ve been providing this exclusive brand of top-tier client support since the very beginning. Today that all changes.

Clients have come to expect this level of service and support from Kevllar. If you have a website that’s been abandoned by it’s original developer or just don’t have time to deal with periodical website maintenance we understand and we’re here to help. We are always quick to respond and always do everything in our power to find a solution. Client satisfaction is second to none. Going forward, we want to make this exclusive service, often limited to our clients only, available to all businesses that are serious about succeeding in the online space.

The internet landscape has changed. And it’s changing everyday. Websites are often no longer static or dynamic pages that get updated with a few lines of content ever so often. The websites of today are living, breathing, full-fledge web applications that require maintenance, software updates, regular backup, security audits and optimizations for speed. They operate very much like the desktop applications that you have on your computer. Websites ARE computer software in many ways that require the support and care of an IT professional. Websites however require a Web Professional. That’s where we step in.

Peace of mind is just a few clicks away. Kevllar will keep your website running smoothly, so you can focus on more important things… like your business.

Kevllar is your solution for websites big and small. From enterprising web juggernauts to the millions of websites built on WordPress and Drupal platforms. (Of course, websites built on other platforms and web code are included.) Don’t know how your site was built? No problem. Just contact us for a free consultation.

Starting today, Kevllar is making this service available to the general public. Click on Support to learn more. If you’d like to discuss your next dream project please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have questions about our new Complete 360 Website Support service contact us today!