Four Seasons 2.0

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From humble beginnings Four Seasons Landscaping set out to become a big player in an even bigger industry despite the fierce competition set against them. Two years later, Four Seasons is growing (figuratively and literally) stronger and healthier than it's ever been with many satisfied customers in the greater Toronto area. With new growth the pair of owners decided 2013 would be a landmark year for growth and renewal. They consulted with Kevllar to create a brand new online experience that would rival the competition and connect them closer to their community and valued customers. Their new website includes a brand new Content Management System, a social media package, new sortable gallery of work, a new blog column and a localized weather widget. This will enable Four Seasons to actively participate in social media, answer questions, post new projects and offer tricks of the trade. Kevin truly is the "Mike Holmes" of website design. He rebuilt our website and we couldn't be happier.

George Brown Dance

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George Brown College and Ballet Jörgen Canada have been in partnership in the form of George Brown Dance since 1992. It is a world renowned dance school offering professional training for students of ballet and modern dance. The George Brown school of Dance recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary and were looking to revitalize their brand and increasingly outdated website, in hopes to spur higher interest in the programs currently offered. Kevllar was contracted to develop a re-imagining of the George Brown Dance website. Working in concert with the Ballet Jörgen staff the project was completed on schedule, on budget and to much delight. Kevin executed the project like a true professional. He delivered on time and on budget. It was a pleasure having his expertise during the entire design and development process. He's a valuable asset for any web team.

Institute for Citizen Centred Service

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In 2012, Kevllar had the unique opportunity to work with the Institute for Citizen Centred Service or ICCS, a non-profit organization who's mission is to support public-sector organizations in achieving high levels of citizen and business satisfaction. The organization is funded by the Ontario Government of Canada and seeks to be recognized as the leading centre of expertise in citizen-centred service delivery. The website is one of their main vehicles in accomplishing that mandate. This project was a massive undertaking and required the coordinated efforts of the entire ICCS team to get the job done. The hardest part to overcome with this project was the sheer size of the data that needed to be transferred over from the previous iteration of the website. Because of it's massive proportions, the use of mega-menus and search were employed, in addition to other data organization strategies that were placed throughout the website. Kevin's work is second to none. His care to truly understand his clients' requirements are reflected in his delivery. He'll relentlessly work to impress and exceed expectations.

Redfield Group Security


Redfield Group Security is an online training entity for security guards in the Greater Toronto Area. They offer a unique online training experience in addition to their in-person facilities to obtain first-hand training from an experienced instructor. Redfield Group required a website that would not only meet the needs of students accessing the site from a desktop environment, but also from a wide range of mobile devices. Most importantly, the website needed to meet specific criteria, strictly outlined by the Government of Ontario. Kevllar delivered a visually compelling site that met with the high standards that this project demanded, was highly functional and catered to the needs of Redfield Group's growing user base.


Breyers is the brand of frozen desserts sold in the United States and Canada owned and operated by Unilever. Kevllar was tasked with developing the front-end code for the brands national website. The website requirements called for a bilingual website in English and French and made full use of HTML, Flash and Javascript. Additionally, the website had to be made into a mobile version to satisfy the highly aggressive marketing strategy, which included a full width animated banner that was displayed


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ITEK Solutions is an information technology company providing computer support and installations for dental and medical professionals since 2004. Kevllar was entrusted with refreshing the ITEK brand and redesigning the look of their outdated website. The launch of their website also aligned with the opening of their new office north of Toronto. Kevllar took a simplified approach to the project. The word "solutions" is omitted from the new logo and the letters "I and T" are encircled to emphasize the nature of the business. Their website also employs the same simple approach and customers can find exactly what they need quickly and simply without distraction. This is critical to companies supporting customers with time-sensitive needs.

Dr. Daniel Vassel

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The Dr. Daniel Vassel website is a testament to kevllar's commitment to customer satisfaction. The website was built using a platform originally used exclusively by Fortune 500 companies. Concrete5 is a rock solid CMS similar to Wordpress but is arguably easier for the end-user to update/change content on their website. Aside from using a WYSIWYG interface it also allows users to edit the text right on the web page which makes it very user friendly. Dr. Vassel requested that he be given the tools to update the site content on his own. kevllar recommended Concrete5 as it was the best choice for overall ease-of-use. Wordpress is a popular solution also and for good reason but at kevllar we recognize that every client is different and we will always look into other solutions that are better served for each client.

Burlington Periodontics


Dr. Thang and his team required a website that would tie into the decor of his new office in Burlington, Ontario. They approached Kevllar to get the job done. In addition to the website Kevllar was tasked with creating a unique logo for the brand new dental practice. The logo and other design elements on the website, borrows from Art Deco to reflect the new office interior of Burlington Periodontics. The website also features a detailed referral form for other practitioners to submit x-rays and other medical information.

ro Design

ro Design creates custom interiors for clients seeking professional solutions to residential or commercial interiors. The project was developed as a proof of concept that did not enter the production phase due to budget constraints. The website is built purely in HTML and Javascript and incidentally  provides many of the benefits that are commonly associated with purely Flash based websites. The website showcases ro Designs work by centralizing it's interiors in the canvas background. The user is taken to a new interior as each menu item is traversed. The main navigation is placed at the bottom and does not interfere with the photography, creating an immersive online body of work, akin to experiencing the project interiors first hand.

Four Seasons Property Care and Landscaping

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Four Seasons Property Care is a brand new company looking to make their mark on the residential and commercial landscaping industry. Kevllar was tasked with developing their complete identity and online solutions. They required a website that would showcase their history of work and a site that would put them in contact with their customers both online and over the phone.

Marvin Karon

Marvin Karon asked that his website serve two purposes: Showcase his extensive acting career and also highlight his offering of acting classes. Kevllar created a seamless experience by integrating the two ideas into one website. A website that loaded quickly and didn't require any complicated databases or server-side processing. Just HTML and Javascript. The result? A clean website that is bold, quick and simple.



Call4PChelp delivers first in class I.T. services to both residential and commercial customers in the GTA. Call4PChelp regularly develops software for it's clients and also develops for internal use. Their Global Tracker software is developed for company use and aids in streamlining many of their day-to-day processes. From accounting, support, sales and inventory, Global Tracker is vital to their company's everyday operations. Kevllar was entrusted with redesigning a completely new logo and interface for their most vital operations management software.

World Aviation


World Aviation is in the business of servicing airline manufacturer components through maintenance, repair and renewal. Their project requirements we're strategic and highly technical. The main challenge of the project was to build a site with the scale and capacity to hold their entire database of component inventory and to provide an outlet for them to announce their latest component capabilities.



Phil Paglia a real estate agent working with Re/Max. His distinctive website allows for client engagement through social media, blog postings and the ability to search for actual listings on the housing market. By writing helpful posts about the real estate market and engaging clients directly, real estate agents can further broaden their client base and even strengthen existing client relationships.

Dr. Morry Murad

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Dr. Morry Murad is a well regarded dentist on the west end of Toronto. His friendly, personal approach to dentistry required a website and logo that would convey that sentiment. Kevllar was approached to get the job done. He wanted a website that was warm and inviting and had a personal touch. With a combination of carefully selected photography and Dr. Murad's personal touches, kevllar was able to come through with a design that satisfied all these requirements.

Milton Health and Wellness Centre

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The Milton Health and Wellness Centre was a complete branding project and online solution that began from detailed logo sketches to final execution of print, photography and an online platform solution. Kevllar was tasked with creating a unique brand for a new kind of boutique medical practice; A place where patients could receive homeopathic treatment from trained professionals, in the sanctuary of a beautifully designed environment, making it feel more like a trip to the spa.